Sir Stirling Moss left us behind

One of the all time racing greats has unfortunately left us behind. Stirling, a man like Juan Manuel Fangio, men without pretension, wonderfully competitive, and always fair, had us spellbound in our youth. We felt real and straight forward racing. In cars, often dangerous in the way they had been put together, but they raced them because they loved the aspect of doing something which elevated them into realms which only they had the privilge to reach. There was no vanity or feeling of superiority over your competitors on the track, just pure joy and satisfaction when you did well.
We miss you Stirling, for this lost era of honesty, of touching our inner respect for what you represented and lived for all of us. We are in dire need of wonderful characters like you. Thank you for giving us so much!
I am very sad for Susie, but you did look after this beloved man of yours. You have been a great support of Stirling and I thing he realized it often, your were the final focus of his life. We thank you for that Susie.